Local Business Spotlight

Building a Responsible Company

Flowfold creates authentic, longer-lasting carrying gear. We design our products so that you can enjoy where you go without worrying about what you are carrying.

Peaks Island is the ideal testing ground for the items we create because of the exceptional carrying challenges of living on an unbridged island.

Flowfold products are built with the same high tech racing sailcloths used by the world’s sailing elite. As our production grows so does our network of sailmakers, racing teams and individuals whose waste we put to use. We are proud to continue the tradition of Maine made quality and solid craftsmanship. All Flowfold products are designed and manufactured in Maine, USA.

Our commitment to making a positive impact on our community and the environment is how we give meaning to the mantra: Carry the Future.

Personalized and Customized Mailers At Your Speed (And In Your Budget)

Are you stingy with your marketing dollars? I don’t mean to imply that you are cheap, just that when you spend marketing dollars to get your message out, you make sure that your investment gets to a target customer.

One of the most effective marketing investments is still the humble postcard. In the digital age, advertisements that people can hold in their hand are sometimes more effective than electronic emails and web ads. These days, using plain printed material delivered to customer’s old fashioned mailboxes still works.

The cost and logistics of using postcards can be difficult. Most companies have postcards printed in bulk to get the cost down then ship the cards to a mail-house  which does a mail-merge and prints mailing labels on the postcards. This involves several steps and inevitably, you have more cards left over or worse, not enough.

One easy way to do targeted mailouts is to us ‘Variable Printing’ where a company (such as ours) prints your postcards on demand and the mailing information is printed on each card at the same time the card is printed. Need 50 cards mailed? No problem! Need 5,000? Still not a problem. Need them shipped in several batches over random periods of time? Easy.

Variable printing gives you the ability to print different material for anyone on your list. If you are a Realtor, for instance, you can print postcards with photos of urban condos on the cards you mail to people who live downtown and cards with photos of single family homes to customers who live in the suburbs.

Its one of the conveniences of using a fully digital printer: you can print anything you need on demand and unlike using offset printing where you have to order large quantities, you can send me your mailing list and several postcard files and we can split them up however you like. You only pay for what you need – no waste!

I’ll warn you, though: this is guaranteed to make you stingy!

Don’t Be Tempted…

These days, it is tempting to order printing from an online printer.

They often advertise very cheap rates and have flashy websites.

What most people don’t know is that online printers have hidden costs, high shipping costs, lengthy turnaround times, widely varying quality, no quality control and often very poor customer service.

In other words, you get what you pay for!

In today’s digital world, high quality printing – just like you get from online – is available in just about every city. If you are not a designer and don’t work with printers on a daily basis, chances are, you need some helpful feedback and assistance to make sure your print job looks as good as you need it to.

Here are five ways locally run and operated printers beat large online printers every time:

  • With an out-of-town printer, you have no relationship with the person running your order. With a local, independent print shop, you get someone with some emotional equity built up in the business and their relationships with clients, especially longtime customers. You won’t be just a number or get lost in the shuffle. This means a real person who cares quality checks your order.
  • With an out-of-town printer, you might see emailed digital proofs, which we all know can’t convey depth and color with the same accuracy as a printed proof. Local, independent print shops give their customers a chance to see and touch physical proofs and discuss any changes on the spot and face-to-face with the person who actually did the printing.
  • Online printers can take 2-6 weeks to deliver your job. Need someone today or within 24 hours? A local shop can do backflips for you and make you look great by getting you a perfect print job at a reasonable cost when you need it.
  • If you decide you need extras or other modifications to your order, you’re likely to fill out a complicated new order form or pay an extra fee when dealing with a large out-of-town printers. Independents can adjust on the fly with a mere phone call. It’s just way easier, and quicker, too.
  • There’s always the personal touch and the satisfaction of knowing you’re supporting a locally owned and operated business that keeps your dollars circulating in the local economy. When you buy local and independent, you’re doing your part to help your community stay vibrant. Doesn’t that just feel better than filling out a form online and waiting for the mailman to show up with a box?

Best of Both Worlds…Right Down the Street

Hiring the right printer for your project can be difficult. Some people like the convenience and ease of an online printer, whereas others prefer the customer service they receive from a local printer. When making this decision, take customer service preferences, and your project requirements into consideration to determine which printer is suitable for you.


Local Printers

One of the greatest aspects of local printers is just that: they are local. Their main focus is customer service and quality. If you have a question regarding a print job, need samples of previous print jobs, or paper samples, or need something delivered in the area quickly, a local printer is the best choice for you. Local printers have almost unlimited options when it comes to the type of print job, such as offset, digital, or commercial, and the paper stock.

Online Printers

Online printers are known for their quick and easy ordering process. You can place an order by simply filling out a quick form and submitting for a quote or order, and then uploading your artwork. Most of the time, they will even have templates on their website for you to design in, if you don’t already have work prepared. They also have quick turnaround times for larger jobs because they eliminate the middle man/pre-press department by ordering online. You will often have a less expensive up front cost but, depending on your project, this cost could increase with shipping. Online printers typically specialize in specific areas, too, so their paper stocks, sizes, and types of projects are often limited.

While both kinds of printers have their benefits and their drawbacks, they can both be great options. It depends on what your project really needs and how you expect the process to go. Local printers will provide you with a higher level of customer service, but may have a longer lead time. Meanwhile, online printers have a more convenient service, but might be lacking in customer interaction. What kind of printer would you prefer for your next project?

We Make it Easy!

At CyberCopy, we offer the best of both worlds.  We have the staff, equipment, and experience to handle your short-run, quick turn digital projects AND we have the partnerships with larger offset printers to pass on wholesale pricing directly to you.  So the next time you have a print project…hit us up!   Whether it is a quick 25 flyers for an event tonight or 20,000 postcards to keep in your supply closet, you’ll find that we’ll not only offer you the best quality printing, but we’ll do it for the best price as well!


Going Above and Beyond…Again!

We know how important and necessary it is to our business to earn a new client.  It’s how we keep our doors open, it’s how we increased our annual revenue when everyone is saying “print is dead”.  Don’t get us wrong… we love seeing the same customers come back time after time for their printing needs.  Whether it be the nice lady who lives two blocks down the street who comes in to make photocopies every day of her mail or the monthly newsletters we produce like clockwork for our friendly neighborhood utility company, we need these consistent projects.  But there is something to be said for earning a new customer.  Sometimes they find us, sometimes they are a referral, sometimes we dig them up ourselves.  No matter what, we try and take care of them the same way we take care of all of our customers…emphasis on service.  So that’s why when a non-profit organization downtown was referred to us by another, we jumped at the chance to show how we can provide quality work on a tight deadline.  Posters, flyers, handouts, rack cards.  Just about anything you can think of that can be printed was needed for this organization’s annual conference held at a local hotel.  Oh…and let’s not forget they needed it the next day at 6 am just in time for the 7 am welcome breakfast.  So we did what we always do…got it done.  We stayed late, we ordered pizza, we had three color machines printing all sorts of things, we had both wide-format machines printing the posters.  In all, the whole crew stayed well past closing time to make sure this client was beyond happy with our services.  The trouble was all these pieces don’t deliver themselves and to get a courier to pick up at 5:15am was not realistic.  A 30-minute drive from my house to the shop, loading up the project for 5:30 to make it downtown for 5:50 with ten minutes to spare (enough time to say thank you and maybe grab one of the free muffins the catering team was offering).  Yep…that’s all it takes.  Every machine running, the whole team working together, and a drive from Little Sebago at 5am to make sure it all got hand-delivered on time.  Look on the bright side…at least most of the traffic lights were blinking yellow at that hour so I made good time!

How CyberCopy goes above and beyond

When one of the largest healthcare organizations in the state called us at 4pm on a Friday and needed over 15,000 sheets printed ASAP (and by ASAP they meant by the end of the day), CyberCopy’s team got it done. 4 machines, 3 team members staying late, two delivery trips by the general manager downtown. While he was driving the project down in batches so the client could continue to finalize the packet, CyberCopy’s production team was busy back at the shop collating, stapling, and boxing everything up. The last batch got delivered just before 7pm… who says the end of the day has to come at 5pm?

You got a job of 15,000 you need in a hurry? Use our nifty File Upload – and let’s get started.



Keep It In The Neighborhood – Why Use Your Local Print Shop

Personalized Service

When you print online or outsource overseas, it is difficult to speak to a representative about what the best option for your project would be. It is also hard (and costly) to get paper samples, print proofs, and have a full understanding of what will be delivered ahead of time. For some projects, this may not be all that essential, but for a large scale print job, this is a vital step in ensuring your money is well spent.


There is always a risk when you release your credit card information to an unknown third party or online. If you have been given a recommendation from a colleague who had success with an online or offshore printer, this isn’t as much of a factor. But there have been multiple online and offshore businesses that collect and disappear without delivering. If this does happen, there is very little you can do to get your money back. Most local print shops accept payments in increments or after the project has been delivered. This establishes a higher level of trust. The printer does not get paid until the project is right. If you receive the project, and it isn’t what you wanted, you don’t have to accept it and can request a rerun of the project at no cost (given that the printer was in error). If you never receive the final product, the printer does not get paid in full.

Project Accuracy

Different paper stock can print color differently and react differently to different inks. When using an online printer, you get a one size fits all approach to the print process. The result is adequate, but not quality. Online printers only offer digital printing, which is less expensive, but is not always the appropriate print method for every project. This also limits the kinds of paper you can use when printing (for example, you cannot use a thick paper stock when printing digital because it will not run through the machine).

Sample Availability

Online and offshore printers cannot deliver color proofs or paper samples as easily as local printers, which makes it difficult to adjust your project to ensure the color and content work well with the paper selection. Shipping charges for print proofs can be expensive and timely, and usually involve an additional print charge. Paper overseas is different than the paper in the U.S. and has a tendency to print more yellow, making color matching an essential, timely, and costly step when outsourcing printing.

Economic Effect

If the recent recession has shown us anything, it is that small businesses are the back bone of our economy. As a manager/owner of a few small businesses over the course of my career, I encourage my clients to support local businesses. When you support local business, you are helping your local economy succeed, which in turn creates a better community and can even create more jobs.


Most business decisions come down to one simple factor – money. Fortunately, many local print shops are pretty competitive with their pricing. More times than not, the quote I get from a local printer will beat an online printer price. Many online printers advertise low prices, but once you factor shipping, setup charges, and other fees, the project becomes much more expensive than anticipated. Also, if you tell a printer a price quote received elsewhere, many times they can bring down the cost to better meet your budget needs.

Article courtesy of: http://bigdesignevents.com/2011/10/keep-it-local-%E2%80%93-the-benefits-of-using-a-local-print-shop/