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Personalized and Customized Mailers At Your Speed (And In Your Budget)

Are you stingy with your marketing dollars? I don’t mean to imply that you are cheap, just that when you spend marketing dollars to get your message out, you make sure that your investment gets to a target customer.

One of the most effective marketing investments is still the humble postcard. In the digital age, advertisements that people can hold in their hand are sometimes more effective than electronic emails and web ads. These days, using plain printed material delivered to customer’s old fashioned mailboxes still works.

The cost and logistics of using postcards can be difficult. Most companies have postcards printed in bulk to get the cost down then ship the cards to a mail-house  which does a mail-merge and prints mailing labels on the postcards. This involves several steps and inevitably, you have more cards left over or worse, not enough.

One easy way to do targeted mailouts is to us ‘Variable Printing’ where a company (such as ours) prints your postcards on demand and the mailing information is printed on each card at the same time the card is printed. Need 50 cards mailed? No problem! Need 5,000? Still not a problem. Need them shipped in several batches over random periods of time? Easy.

Variable printing gives you the ability to print different material for anyone on your list. If you are a Realtor, for instance, you can print postcards with photos of urban condos on the cards you mail to people who live downtown and cards with photos of single family homes to customers who live in the suburbs.

Its one of the conveniences of using a fully digital printer: you can print anything you need on demand and unlike using offset printing where you have to order large quantities, you can send me your mailing list and several postcard files and we can split them up however you like. You only pay for what you need – no waste!

I’ll warn you, though: this is guaranteed to make you stingy!