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Going Above and Beyond…Again!

We know how important and necessary it is to our business to earn a new client.  It’s how we keep our doors open, it’s how we increased our annual revenue when everyone is saying “print is dead”.  Don’t get us wrong… we love seeing the same customers come back time after time for their printing needs.  Whether it be the nice lady who lives two blocks down the street who comes in to make photocopies every day of her mail or the monthly newsletters we produce like clockwork for our friendly neighborhood utility company, we need these consistent projects.  But there is something to be said for earning a new customer.  Sometimes they find us, sometimes they are a referral, sometimes we dig them up ourselves.  No matter what, we try and take care of them the same way we take care of all of our customers…emphasis on service.  So that’s why when a non-profit organization downtown was referred to us by another, we jumped at the chance to show how we can provide quality work on a tight deadline.  Posters, flyers, handouts, rack cards.  Just about anything you can think of that can be printed was needed for this organization’s annual conference held at a local hotel.  Oh…and let’s not forget they needed it the next day at 6 am just in time for the 7 am welcome breakfast.  So we did what we always do…got it done.  We stayed late, we ordered pizza, we had three color machines printing all sorts of things, we had both wide-format machines printing the posters.  In all, the whole crew stayed well past closing time to make sure this client was beyond happy with our services.  The trouble was all these pieces don’t deliver themselves and to get a courier to pick up at 5:15am was not realistic.  A 30-minute drive from my house to the shop, loading up the project for 5:30 to make it downtown for 5:50 with ten minutes to spare (enough time to say thank you and maybe grab one of the free muffins the catering team was offering).  Yep…that’s all it takes.  Every machine running, the whole team working together, and a drive from Little Sebago at 5am to make sure it all got hand-delivered on time.  Look on the bright side…at least most of the traffic lights were blinking yellow at that hour so I made good time!